Look X-Track EN-Rage Enduro/Trail Pedals Range


Following the launch of the X-TRACK RACE range, designed for CROSS COUNTRY / GRAVEL, the X-TRACK range is continuing to grow with a new addition to the family : the X-TRACK EN-RAGE. This latest product has been designed for the TRAIL / ENDURO discipline. It completes our off-road range of pedals by offering a wider pedal body. With more contact area it offers added stability, and construction to withstand the hardest of knocks.


The X-TRACK EN-RAGE pedal, again made of aluminium, but has a narrower body. It is 63 mm wide for 554 mm ² of contact surface area, making it a lighter pedal. This narrower profile makes it more at home in narrow and steep single track. While still ENDURO capable, it is mainly intended as a TRAIL pedal.


Our desire to continually improve your product-experience is demonstrated by the design of a durable and easy-to-use product. Our new mountain bike pedal has been designed around a robust spindle and bearing mechanism.

It is resistant to damage from external elements ( rocks, roots, mud, etc. ). In order to achieve consistent performances, the pedal shaft includes double water resist seals to withstand the most extreme conditions your trails can offer.


Two cleat models are available for the X-TRACK RACE and X-TRACK EN-RAGE range. The X-TRACK CLEAT is a standard version which allows a standard lateral clip out. The X-TRACK EASY CLEAT offers a larger clip out range with a lateral and angled release possibilities. By choosing the right cleat you can adapt your pedal performance to your needs and practice.

Due in May

LOOK X-Track EN-Rage