Inside Fabric HQ

Thirty years ago, LOOK began an extraordinary adventure of manufacturing carbon frames and forks.

Thirty years ago, a time when steel frames tamed the highest peaks, LOOK took up the incredible challenge of mastering a new material, carbon.

The carbon we are discussing today is nothing other than a high-performance fiber with incredible mechanical properties that require great expertise in its transformation process. Used in fabric form and in layers pre-saturated with resin, it is possible for us to manufacture lightweight and complex parts of unrivaled performance to date in the world of cycling.

In August 88, a team of 10 people accepted the challenge of shaping this new material. First observations did not draw our attention to the piece’s quality, but to its crude shape. The almost mystical transition of this soft material into a solid element provided a sense of wonder among the development team. Mastering the manufacturing process was only made possible through the factory’s diligence and energy. It is with the sheer force off determination, concentration and precision, that the first CARBON frames and forks emerged.

What seemed to be a fantasy thirty years ago, has turned into true acquired know-how that has become the pride of an entire company. Day after day, month after month, our passion grew more and more, finally leading to the creation of our company culture, our DNA.

Today, CAD software has obviously changed our approach to product design, but our indispensable expertise, forged over the years, remains during the fabrication process. Despite technical progress, and the arrival of more powerful machines, human handiwork will always remain a prominent factor in the development and manufacturing of carbon products.

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